Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

best star tattoos ideas

If you are someone who feels a special attachment to the heavens, the moon, and the stars, you may feel that a star shaped tattoo design is perfect for you. The key is to find a star tattoo design that is really unique and is truly personalized for you. 

So, how do you do this? Well, here are some of the best star tattoos ideas to consider which will help to make the design your own and symbolize your true self. An eight pointed star, known as the cross of St. John, and also represents the emblem of the Knights of Malta, can be traced back to one of the most popular religious organizations during the crusades. You could opt for the seven pointed star as it has varied meanings and can represent different periods of life or feelings. 

If commonly represents a symbol for being a perfected man. But watch out, it can also represent your childhood, the whimsical or can be a fairy star. Think this star tattoo design over very carefully if the meaning is important to you. The tattoo stars in the picture are really impressive and I like the way the design travels up the leg from the foot to the calf. It’s very impressive and pretty.

best star tattoos ideas
Here are some more tattoo stars for us to check out. The difference here of course being that we also have the initial D among these stars. Obviously that initial is going to stand for the name of the person with the tattoo or a person very close to them. Most likely it is the name of this person and then it would make sense that this person thinks of themselves as some sort of undiscovered star, hence the initial with the stars. Sort of like saying so and so is a star, even if they are the only one that knows they are a star, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with considering ones self a star. In some way or another, at one time or another, almost every human being alive is a star to someone else. If you think about that you will see it to be true. And if someone is not then they are still very young or have wasted their life terribly. There’s not a whole lot of in between there.

These two little tattoo stars with the capital D next to them could simply mean the Star of David, which of course is the universal symbol for Judaism.