Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

Sexy female tattoos
Tattoos of girls are a common subject matter for tattoos on men and women alike. These can be portraits of loved ones, famous personalities or even fictional characters. They appear in various stages of dress or undress, whichever the case may be. They also can be found anywhere the work will fit on skin.

Pin up girls

Pin-up girls are certainly a frequent subject for tattoo artists. Pin-up girls were voluptuous women whose faces and figures graced the covers and centerfolds of magazines and then were “pinned-up” on boys and even grown men’s walls. These were a frequent talking point in the gas stations and garages where they starred as Miss April or Miss December. These vintage pin-up girls are regularly given a place of honor on someone’s skin to be displayed as a permanent pin-up.
Sexy female tattoosSexy female tattoos
Goddesses are also a common subject for tattoos featuring pictures of girls. Whether they are ancient deities or they are still worshiped today, people have found many ways to incorporate them into tattoos. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, has found her way into many different tattoo designs. Mary, the mother of Jesus, while not being a goddess; is also a very common subject choice for tattoos. Even Eve, the first woman is depicted in many tattoos.

Tattoo girls tattoos

Sexy female tattoos
Sexy female tattoos There are quite a few people who actually take tattoos of girls, whether daughters or wives or girlfriends, into the tattoo studio to have them re-created on their skin for a permanent reminder. I have also seen an instance where a couple divorced and the man had his ex-wife tattooed on his arm with horns and glowing green eyes to remind him what a witch she was. He has never remarried so I assume the reminder worked!
These can be done in color or in shades of black and grey. Both of these styles can be used to create an uncanny likeness by a good artist. If this is what you wish to do, have a picture re-created on skin, be sure to ask to see previous portraits done by the artist. This is a very personal tattoo and you don’t want a stranger on your skin for eternity! 
There are several common places for pictures of tattoo girls. The upper arm is a common place for faces, the calf is a common location for a full body portrait, and the back is typically reserved for murals and multiple figures. This is not meant to imply that these are set in stone, a persons own individuality is displayed by the uniqueness of their skin art.