Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Women Horse Tattoo Design for 2011No, it does not refer to the end of the tattoos you have with the image of a horse. He is talking about something important in the industry of horse racing. This article refers to the lip tattoos placed on horses, which serves as a means to discover his identity and name of the owner based on the registration documents that the Jockey Club. All horses that ran in the United States are required to have this tattoo. The Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau licenses engineers to apply these lip tattoos.

Located inside the upper lip, the tattoo is made up of letters and numbers. For the thoroughbred, a letter followed by four or five numbers are the trademark. The letter says that the year of birth of his horse. Quarter Horses are scored in reverse, ie, number four or five are followed by a letter. Standardbred, meanwhile, may have a letter and four digits or two letters and three digits. Appaloosas, moreover, are tattooed if she ran or not. Registration numbers are real numbers used tattoo.

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