Cross Tattoos for Men Cross Tattoos for Men with Pre Christian and Christian SymbolsCross tattoos for men normally include a cross in their designs which is synonymous with the Christian religion. But these tattoos are considered as the most versatile, and also contain crosses which are regarded as pre-Christian or pagan. So this tattoo is popular among people who wants to express their religious beliefs, as well as among the tattoo lovers who want to convey some personal symbolic meaning through their tattoos. The history of these tattoo designs can be traced back to an ancient era which existed even before the spread of Christianity. These designs are also equally popular among women who love to carry the cross tattoos on their hand, ankle, lower back or foot. But the cross tattoos for men are inked in a larger size on the back, shoulder, or Cross Tattoos for Men1 Cross Tattoos for Men with Pre Christian and Christian Symbolsforearm of men.
Many Christians love to carry these tattoos as the cross is a symbol of their faith. As Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans using the Cross, which was a common instrument for torturing and executing the non-Romans and salves, the instrument has become the traditional symbol of the religion. As the religion does not have any restriction on bearing tattoos, many Christians love to carry the images of Cross through the inked design to Cross Tattoos for Men2 Cross Tattoos for Men with Pre Christian and Christian Symbolsrepresent their religious belief and trust. Some people love to include the Latin cross or crux ordinaria in their cross tattoos for men as this is the one of the simple and basic cross images. The Latin cross is also considered to represent the divine through its vertical lines and the world through its horizontal lines. People regard cross as an intersection between the human and divine. So a large number of Christians carry these tattoos to represent the sacred bond between the divine and human.
There are a large number of non-Christians who love to carry the cross tattoos for a personal meaning which does not have any similarity with the religious feeling. For these tattoo lovers the cross is a pagan symbol which was very much popular even before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They consider the cross to be a pagan symbol representing a meaning of harmony and symmetrical existence of both male and female. In many pagan cultures, the vertical bar of cross was considered as the symbol of the male phallus, whereas the horizontal bar was the representative of vagina. Both the arms were of equal length highlighting the importance of both men and women in the entire creation. So the pagan version of the cross tattoos for men normally use a cross which is different form the Christian cross.