Rabu, 21 September 2011

Lee Dewyze Tattoo
Tommy Lee is not too popular rock star and founder of Mtley Cre-band Methods of Mayhem, usually better for his tattoos and his relationship with Pamela Anderson has announced.
 It 'really hard to say how many tattoo designs signed on his body. A few months ago, someone said 47, but I don  't know how that can count. Tommy Lee himself has said that matter most, are his tattoos.
 Here is a small amount of up to Tommy Lee Tattoos:
 One of his greatest tattooscover is the big  "Mayhem " full stomach tattoo. Since there was still a bit 'of loose skin on his stomach, was also a Hindu symbol  "knowledge " along with a flower in tattoo design.
 A tattoo on the left side red lips and a tribal tattoo on the right: both sides of the neck are colored with different tattoo designs.
 My favorite is the head with a tattoo on his right forearm, just above the biceps, there is a fine head of design dragon tattoo.
 But Tommy Lee is notOnly a punk, he is also capable of kindness and love to show that his left shoulder is a tattoo that normally white daisy females as a tattoo. Star tattoos on their hands are small children, while his name is Brandon and Dylan, two on the wrist.
 Another tattoo design is great for most of the Tribal her back. In addition, two huge tribal lion heads are clearly visible on the chest. A cheetah tattoo design is also visible on the right arm.
 I think youlist could go on for an hour only his tattoos. But he could not really find much more information about the Tommy Lee's tattoos online is not really visible from multiple images.