Rabu, 21 September 2011

Megan Fox New Tattoo
If you are an avid fan of megan fox you may be smartly mindful that she sports activities a couple of tattoos on her gorgeous body. Megan declares to have a total of nine tattoos on her body. Some of those tattoos embody a a purple flamingo on her higher thigh, a poem that megan wrote herself on her rib cage that reads, "there as quickly as was as soon as a little bit woman who by no means knew love until a boy broke her heart" in addition to a shakespeare quote on her back, "we will all snicker at gilded howeverterflies." simply to call a number of. However when you take a glance at the cover of the latest empire magazine that megan is on the cover of you will discover a new little tattoo on her will have toer.

if you look shut sufficient you are going to see that this new little tattoo is in actuality an autobot image, perhaps to symbolize her work in each transformer movies. With megan's in the market personality and wild approachs one would simply simply assume she got this tattoo to provide props to the movie that made her a household name. On the opposite hand, if you're a real megan fox fan you must recognize that this photo of megan was as quickly as taken a few yrs again and that new tattoo on her shoulder, isn't truly a tattoo in any respect. The autobot image used to be pictureshopped on megan's shoulder by way of empire journal to help promote the model new transformers film. in an effort to make things clear, megan didn't get a new tattoo of the autobot symbol. so a lengthy way as any individual is conscious of megan hasn't boughtten a new tattoo in some time, except it is someplace that can't be viewed.