Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Bone Collector Tattoo
As an avid and passionate tattoo collector. The one thing that most people ask me is "did that hurt?" Now let me clear something up the tattooing process itself is more like an uncomfortable inconvenience when it's being done but keep in mind the result is an amazing piece of artwork that will stay with you forever. If tattoos hurt so much, why do so many people get them, and more often than not, more than one. It is less traumatic than getting your ears pierced.

OK, so everyone's body will react differently to tattooing as there are many variables to take into consideration, methods of tattooing, different needles, different inks, different skin types and different placements of tattoos and even state of mind can effect the sensitivity of a tattoo. But one mans/woman's pain, is another mans/woman's pleasure.

When getting a tattoo part of what you experience in relation to sensitivity is psychological and part of it is physical. A lot of the sensitivity is more likely to be psychological, if you going in thinking this tattoo is going to hurt well it will. You can literally think pain into existence but if you think it won't hurt then all it will be is a slight inconvenience. So being in a good mood and being able to distract yourself is a good way of dealing with getting a tattoo. Older people tend to deal with tattooing better than younger people as they have more life experiences to draw on.

The other important factor is the placement of the tattoo, tattoos situated close to the bone tend to hurt more. As a tester before getting a tattoo pinch your body find where the most sensitive parts are. It might be a good idea to stay away from those areas that are most sensitive for you.

The bit that may be more uncomfortable than getting tattooed is the healing process - do you remember when you were a kid and you got a grass burn or fell over and grazed your knee well the feeling can be something similar. The tattoo is in essence just a scratch on the surface of the skin.When you scratch yourself sometimes a scab may form. Your tattoo may or may not form a scab but the main thing to know is never pick off a scab you may want to scratch them but don't. If you do get scabs don't worry about it, it does not mean that you have an infection it is just your bodies natural reaction to the tattoo and it is just healing the only way your body knows how.

As a general rule tattoo artists tend to start off slow and will stop often if you ask. The more you move around the harder it is for the tattoo artist. So my main piece of advice - is take a deep breath and slowly exhale and breath slowly and calmly close your eyes and make sure you relax and the tattooing will be no more than a slight irritation.