Senin, 29 April 2013

Getting that perfect tattoo that reflects style, preferences, and personality is really important for the person to be happy wearing the tattoo. There are several things to think about when looking at ways to find the right tattoo designer for you.
Make sure you do some research to find the best tattoo artist to create you a tattoo design that you always wanted to have. You can do this by asking people who already have experience having tattoos on their body and get recommendations to ensure that you finalize the best designer to do the job. It's also helpful to look at various tattoo contests and find the designers who have won some challenging contests.
Visit the tattoo parlors to make sure the place is clean and hygienic and that the artists use fresh ink and needles for every customer. Cleanliness helps prevent the spread of infections and diseases such as hepatitis and HIV, and all good parlors are very careful when it comes to cleanliness of instruments and shops.
You should ask to see their portfolios of the work they have done. Many of them may specialize in certain styles and designs. For example; some may be amazing at doing the tribal and graffiti style of work while others may have the expertise in creating fantastic animals, scenes and caricatures. After checking out several shops, be sure to go to the one who is skilled in creating designs that you desire.
Have a discussion with the artist about the design and let them know the specifications that you want in your custom tattoo. Make sure they show interest, help you modify the design a little bit (if required) based on their experience, make an effort to satisfy your wishes with their work and seem willing to work with you to ensure that your idea is accurately reproduced.
Know the price is going to vary with each shop. Make sure to get an estimate of the cost of the tattoo before the ink even comes out of the drawer. Be aware that some artists charge based on the complexity and size of the design, while other charge for the amount of time it takes to do the work. Have your budget in mind and check with the artist what best can come up within that plan.
When it comes to getting the right tattoo by the right artists, know that it shouldn't be cheap. There are people who think that if it is their first time, they should go in for a small or a cheap tattoo. But this can be dangerous. A tattoo remains with you for the rest of your life reminding you of the mistake you made by choosing a cheap one. This is truly a great example of "you get what you pay for", and no one wants to go to a cheap shop and pick up a disease or come out with a substandard tattoo.
Do not forget to tip the tattoo artists generously; particularly if they have taken a lot of time to work on the design and if they have done a great job transferring the design from paper to the body part.
When you have made up your mind to have a tattoo done, make sure you take sufficient time to find the right tattoo designer to do the job. Start by doing some research, look for high quality work and cleanliness, and be prepared to spend a lot of money to have that wow feeling that stays with you for as long as the tattoo on your skin.