Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Star tattoos can hold a variety of meanings depending on the shape and style of it. The number of points can also alter the meaning significantly, so it is important for someone who wants a star tattoo to know the meanings of each individual design. Just like other tattoos, star tattoos don't always carry deep meaning to the wearer - sometimes they are worn because they look cool.
The following are the basic star types:
Shooting Star: this star symbolizes an important moment is the person's life. Also, it can be a sign of a special relationship, enlightenment among others. If something had a big effect on somebody, they usually get a shooting star as commemoration.
Nautical Star: these tattoos have been used for a long long time by sailors to bring them luck on long journeys, or to mark an important journey on the skin. The five pointed star also serves as protection and guidance.
Pentagram Star: this is the most controversial star, as it either can hold Satanic meaning - when pointed downwards - or positive meaning - when facing upwards.
Star of David: this hexagram is a Jewish symbol that is a popular religious tattoo. It symbolizes David's triumph over Goliath (the shield which David carried was hexagram shaped)
Nanogram Star: the nine pointed star represents stability and things achieved in a person's life. In the Norse mythology, it represents the nine worlds.
Starry tattoos come mostly in smaller designs, which is no wonder, as they would look rather ugly in large. But if you love large-scale things, consider getting a couple of smaller star tattoos to one area - it might look nice.